These are high quality HD videos with excellent content, very educational, awesome pictures and a report: "10 Things you must know to avoid choosing the wrong lawn and tree service." Saving you time, money and headaches later! Just click on the link on the word "video" to watch it on Youtube.

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E-video: Wiens Lawncare

E-video: Cultural Practices

E-video: Seeding

E-video: Fertilizing

E-video: Aeration

E-video: Sprinkler Coverage

E-video: Types of Grasses

E-video: Weeds

E-video: Cranberry Girdler and Sodwebworm Insects

E-video: Mite Insects

E-video: Billbug Insects

E-video: Necrotic Ring Spot Disease

E-video: Aschochyta Leaf Blight Disease

E-video: Leaf Spot Disease

E-video: Dollar Spot Disease

E-video: Deep Root Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs

E-video: Deep Root Winter Watering Trees and Shrubs


Wiens Lawncare uses the highest quality and safest products available on the market today. We use a liquid and granular fertilizer and the safest chemicals available to protect you, your children and your pets. Safety for the public, animals and the environment is of utmost importance at Wiens Lawncare. Please refer to the "Safety Information" section of your invoice for any pertinent information about the application or service that your property received. We use high quality premium grass seed that germinates the fastest and are the most disease resistant and the most affordable for your lawn.