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The lawns are just starting to green up a little and the trees are already budding here in Denver/Parker CO. I have seen several ladybugs and have heard others say they have seen Robins. All signs that Spring is just around the corner! I think we are going to have an early Spring this year in Denver/Parker CO. I have already had several calls for estimates on lawn care and fertilized my first lawn of the season today. I am sure we will still have a few Spring snows but I am so ready for Winter to be over and for Spring weather to begin! I am finishing up the last of the deep root Winter tree and shrub watering and deep root fertilizing of trees and shrubs this week and will begin Spring aerations and putting down some granular slow release fertilizer next week on the lawns to help them green up. This is also when the fertilizer we put down last Fall will help the lawns to green up earlier which is one of the benefits of that application in Denver/Parker CO. It takes 3 things for the lawns to green up. First soil temps have to be warm enough. Second they have to have the moisture available. Third they need food! They need Nitrogen from the fertilizer immediately available to them when they wake up from their long Winter's nap. For more information on lawn and tree care tips and problems please go to and look at my Lawn Tips page and read about insects weeds and diseases or watch my videos on Youtube if you prefer. Just go to Kent Wiens channel on Youtube. Happy Spring fever to you!