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We have reached the time in Spring where, if your lawn isn't green right now, there is a reason for it. It's the toughest time of year in the lawn care business. Getting all the problems that are showing up now as the lawns begin to green up or not green up taken care of and getting them looking good.The best thing you can do for your lawn in the Denver/Parker CO. area is SOAK THE EVER LIVING CRAP OUT OF IT WITH WATER! We are hopefully past the cold snap now where you can turn your sprinklers on and start watering on a regular basis. That means the night time lows are staying above freezing and the highs are around 70ish. The soil temperature is warming up and all your lawn needs to finish coming out of dormancy is adequate moisture in the soil. There are 2 reasons for giving your lawn an initial good soaking for at least an hour each zone; to help it green up and also drown out any mites that are present after the warm dry Winter we had in Denver/Parker CO. again this year. We are seeding a lot of lawns as usual this Spring at Wiens Lawn and Tree Care for various reasons. You need to water your lawn in Winter during those long dry periods for at least an hour a month. That means getting the garden hose out and soaking the ever living crap out of it! It will pay off the following Spring  by killing mites and preventing Winter kill especially on south facing slopes. For more tips for your lawn in Denver/Parker CO. go to