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Lawn Insects: Mites
Adult mite and egg.
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We are in the 3rd year of a drought here in Denver/Parker CO. The trees are suffering as a result and desperately need their roots watered to help them through this warm dry Winter until you can turn your sprinkler system back on in Spring. The other thing going on right now is mite activity in your lawn.These warm dry periods are especially conducive to mite activity. They thrive in warm dry periods. Therefore the mites that are normally active in both February and March could be having a hay day in your lawn right now! You need to water, water, water your lawn and drown those lil' bugars out now! You need to either turn your sprinklers on and water heavily for at least an hour every month or drag your garden hose and manually soak it good for at least an hour a month both to prevent Winter kill and drown out any mites present. To check for mites; lay a white sheet of paper on top of the leaf blades and sweep your other hand over the tops of the grass blades and "herd" them onto the paper. They will look like tiny reddish brown specs that are moving around on it. The other method is to place your hand palm down on the grass and press down really hard and drag it towards you. Then inspect the palm of your hand for blood streaks. If mites are present; treat with an insecticide labeled for mites followed by heavy watering. For more lawn tips see: