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Maple Trees Are Declining in Denver/Parker CO.

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Deep Root Winter Watering Trees-Shrubs
I have noticed that almost every Maple tree I see in Denver/Parker CO. is suffering from what is known as Chlorosys. It is an iron deficiency which turns the normally green leaves yellow. If this condition is left untreated, the tree will continue to decline and eventually die in 5-7 years. The continued drought we are experiencing in Denver/Parker CO. makes this condition worse. The solution to this problem is Iron treatments along with watering and fertilizing the trees. This is done by injecting the water and iron and fertilizer into the soil to the roots of the tree where it can be taken up by the tree roots. It is essential that the trees receive water through the long dry periods especially in Winter when your sprinklers are turned off. In Summer when you're watering 3 times a week and keeping the soil saturated a foot deep it benefits the trees. It takes a 2 foot heavy wet snow that melts slowly and soaks down a foot deep into the soil to benefit the trees. We just don't get many of those type snows in Denver/Parker CO. This is equal to just one deep root Winter watering that we do at Wiens Lawn and Tree Care through the Winter months. These fertilizer and iron applications should be continued every year until the tree leaves turn back to their original green color, usually it takes 3 or 4 years.
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