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How is the sprinkler coverage on your lawn?

With the heat and drought stress we are experiencing right now in the Denver/Parker CO. area and water restrictions in place, you need to be getting utmost benefit from the water you are putting down on your lawn. You need to be getting the most "bang" for your water buck! If you see water running down the street while your sprinklers are on or you have brown spots in your lawn and you are putting tons of water on your lawn, most likely you are not getting good COVERAGE with your sprinkler heads. With the extreme heat and drought conditions here in Denver/Parker CO. any slight flaw in the coverage will show up as a brown spot in your lawn. Plus you could get a fine from your water company for wasting water by letting it run down the streets instead of going on your lawn, besides the fact that you are paying for it! Two people can effectively check the coverage of your sprinklers. One of you run the clock and just go through each zone for a minute or two while the other one watches what is happening with the sprinkler heads while it is on. You should be getting head to head double coverage over the whole lawn. What this means is one sprinkler head should reach all the way to the next closest head to it and vice versa so they are crossing over each other and meeting in the middle and thus giving you double coverage of the whole lawn edge to edge. The rotor type heads that pop up then oscillate back and forth need to be putting out a fan type spray reaching from the farthest point out and getting even coverage all the way back to the head. Not a pencil stream that shoots out and over and misses in between. If you do this check and it looks like they are covering good and you are watering at least three times a week for thirty minutes each in the early a.m. like you should be right now and you still have brown spots in your lawn, you should get a professional sprinkler expert to check them as they can see things you can't and make adjustments and recommendations to fix it if it's a coverage issue. You can also just dig your finger down into your lawn to check the coverage. First dig your finger down deep into a nice green area and notice how wet it feels. Then dig your finger down into a brown spot and take note of the difference. If you live in Parker CO. the Parker water department will do a free sprinkler coverage check, so give them a call. If a brown spot doesn't get better with added water and actually gets worse, you may have a disease or fungus issue. If you live in the Denver/Parker CO. area and need help with your lawn call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate. Or if you live outside our service area of Denver/Parker CO. go to for more help with your lawn problems. Also for videos on these subjects. Or you can see them at and go to Kent Wiens channel.