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Heat/Drought Stress

With the temperatures soaring above the ninety degree mark, the lawns here in Denver/Parker CO. that have been looking so nice and green all Spring are suddenly turning brown. They need more water! When the temps are above eighty degrees consistently, you need to increase your watering times on your lawn. Right now you need to be watering three times a week in the early a.m. for thirty minutes. Or more if your lawn doesn't recover and green back up. Don't water at night because that contributes to disease problems such as Dollar Spot (see lawn tips video Dollar Spot Disease) at Not only is it getting very hot here in Denver/Parker CO. but it's also very dry. We haven't had alot of consistent rain. We had a huge thunderstorm with flash flooding and hail that caused damage (4 inches of rain in 1 hour). We have 2 fires burning out of control right now destroying hundreds of homes, killing 1 person and destroying thousands of acres of trees. Be sure you are mowing weekly at 3 inches with a razor sharp blade. For help with your lawn here in Denver/Parker CO. for fertilizing, aeration, mowing, weeds, control, seeding call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate.