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April is a tough month for lawns in Denver CO.

April is the toughest month of the year for lawn care in Denver/Parker CO. The lawns are just starting to come out of dormancy and green up. This is when the mite damage and Winter kill and any other problems will show up and need to be dealt with to get them looking good. We had an unusual amount of snow in Denver/Parker CO. this Winter while the mountains of Colorado had very little snow and the ski resorts suffered as a result. The snow pack up there is only at about 50% of the normal amount for this time of year. This after a record breaking year last year where some resorts stayed open until the 4th of July! March however was the exception and recorded a driest ever month of precipitation. So while Mother Nature (the weather) helped the lawns with a huge amount of snow coming close to a record in February, March was just the opposite and February and March are when the mites are active in the lawns. So, if you did not drag out the garden hose and give your lawn a good soaking in March, you very well could have some mite damage in your lawn which will need to be seeded to repair the damage. We are starting to aerate and fertilize the lawns here at Wiens Lawn and Tree Care after finishing Deep Root Winter watering and fertilizing trees and shrubs for the last time  just a week ago. For more Lawn Tips please see and for Tree Tips please see