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Pruning of trees is done to help improve their aesthetic beauty and to keep them growing upward instead of outward. It also helps to remove the deadwood and create gaps or holes in the canopy to improve sun light and air penetration. Then there are practical reasons for pruning. I'm sure we have all encountered "head knockers" or branches that make it difficult to mow around a tree that has branches that knock you in the head! Also some dead branches can pose a hazard if not removed and actually be dangerous. At Wiens Lawn and Tree Care we do 3 types of pruning: Complete prune, Structural and corrective pruning and Dead wood removal.
Complete prune- includes removal of dead wood approximately 1/2" to 1" in diameter and larger. Removal of crossing and interfering branches. Reduction of long limbs to reduce leverage. Shape and contain. And thinning by approximately 1/3rd. Elevating of skirt and clearing away from structures.
Structural & corrective pruning- includes removal of dead wood 1/2" to 1" in diameter and larger. Removal of crossing and interfering branches and hazard removal.
Dead wood removal- remove dead wood 1/2" to 1" in diameter and larger only. 
We also can do shrub pruning and shearing. If you have trees and shrubs in need of pruning or removal in the Denver/Parker CO. metro area, please call now for a free estimate from the lawn and tree care pros at Wiens Lawn and Tree Care. 303-358-0041 Also, please visit our brand new tree care website @ to see Joshua our tree specialist in action doing a removal and pruning trees.