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Deep Root Winter Watering  Full service lawn care: fertilizing, mowing, weeds, control, seeding, aerating, trees, shrubs, Winter, watering, deep, root.
Well, the weather forecasters are predicting another La Ninya Winter this year. So you know what that means: dry! It is going to be just like last year which was so dry it turned into drought conditions. That means you will need to water your trees and shrubs at least once a month the whole time your sprinklers are turned off for the winter. It takes at least a 2 foot heavy wet snow that melts slowly and soaks down 1 foot into the soil to reach the feeder roots and benefit your trees. And we just don't get very many of those snows and last year we got none of those kind of snows. Your trees need to be deep root winter watered once a month through the months of November, December, January, February and March in a normal Winter here in Denver/Parker CO. And in a dry year like we are going to have again this year, it is crucial that they be watered to help them survive and fight off attacks from insects and disease and Winter dessication causing them to decline and eventually die. Then they will have to be cut down and that is more expensive than maintaining them properly over time. Your lawn also needs to be watered through the long dry periods of Winter while your sprinklers are turned off. You will need to get out your garden hose and really soak it down good for at least an hour every month or more to avoid Winter kill and/or mite damage. I seeded a lot of lawns this year that had severe mite damage because the homeowner didn't get any water on their lawns especially in February and March when the mites are active in the lawns. Again an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Just ask my clients who had to spend the money to have me replace their whole lawn by seeding it! So, water! water! water! through the Winter!