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One month late.

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This has been a very strange Spring and Summer here in Denver/Parker CO. Especially concerning the weather. We had a warm dry Winter. Then a cold dry April. Then all kinds of rain in May. Back to hot and dry in June. Now we have had a hot wet July. Consequently, the lawns and all other acts of nature are one month behind. I went up fishing in the mountains for Father's Day weekend and there was no runoff from melting snow coming into Granby Reservoir where I fish. It was hot except the one night it got cold and snowed! It rained pretty much the whole time as well. I thought I had missed the Spring runoff because all the Lake Trout were just sitting on the bottom doing nothing like they do after the water warms up and spawning season has ended. Then I heard from my fishing buddy who went up 4th of July weekend the runoff was taking place then and the lake was filling up and rising ten feet overnight every night! Crazy! So concerning the lawns, the crabgrass and spurge that normally appear late May early June, this year didn't come up until late June early July. Crazy! But it couldn't have worked out any better for my clients lawns concerning weed control because I didn't start any fertilizing until mid April putting down the first application of pre-emergent with post emergent in it as well. This killed the weeds that were already up and then we got all that rain in May that watered in the pre-emergent down into the soil. It then sets up a protective barrier in the soil and when a weed seed sends up a sprout, it hits that barrier and kills it before it ever emerges through the soil. The lawns look great and totally weed free. The biggest problem was mite damage due to the mild dry Winter we had and no one watered their lawn through the Winter months especially February and March when the mites are active and feeding on your lawn. You need to pull out your garden hose and really soak your lawn at least once a month in those warm dry periods. It can save your lawn! Just ask those people that didn't do it and ended up having me reseed their entire lawn! For more lawn tips or for a free estimate please visit my website at 
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