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Kent's Blog

The Saw.

One morning a few years ago, I stopped at a restaurant to get a cup of coffee to go. There was an older gentleman in line ahead of me with snow white hair who had Hotchkins disease as evidenced by his hand shaking uncontrollably. He placed his order and went to doctor his coffee etc. The worker called his number and he didn't respond. She called it again a little louder. Still no response. Finally she yelled it out in frustration and he responded. I felt sorry for him as she was so rude to him. I went through the line and got my coffee and was headed back out to my tree company truck to leave. He opened the door and hollered: hey! Do you work for a tree company? Yes, I replied. He said "do you want a saw?" " I guess" was my response bewildered by his question. He came out and got an antique 48 inch 2 man E.C. Atkins tree saw out of the back of his truck. Wow! I said. Now that's a saw! Thank you sir. You're welcome he replied. I thought of my Dad when I got home and how he would like to put the saw above his fireplace in his house in Kansas as he likes antiques. So, I took it to him and he did just that. He got all fired up about this saw and wanted to know all about it and this stranger that just "gave" me this saw and wanted nothing in return. I assured him I didn't know who he was or why he would give me this saw. I never saw the man again although I looked for his truck every time I drove past that restaurant. My Dad shined the brass on the handle up and the emblem on the blade. I did some research on the Internet about the E.C. Atkins company and found out that they took real pride in their work producing these saws and that was right up our alley as both my Dad and me did the same. My Dad was stricken with Pancreatic cancer recently and died on Feb. 25th 2011. I am sure that dear old gentleman has since passed away as well. I can just picture the 2 of them in Heaven visiting like old friends about that saw! My Dad and I actually tried it out on a dead tree before he got cancer and it worked great! I am trying to shine up the blade part of it like new and I'm sure my Dad will be proud of me as he is looking down on me and that old saw.