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This brown spot in my lawn doesn't get better with added watering, it actually gets worse! Why?

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Cultural Practices
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Dollar Spot Disease
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Aschochyta Leaf Blight Disease
The tip that a brown spot in your lawn is not just a dry spot is that when you give it more water, it doesn't go away and actually gets worse. It's a pretty good sign that your lawn has a disease called Dollar Spot and or Aschochyta Leaf Blight. Right about this time in June here in Denver/Parker CO. it starts getting really hot with temperatures soaring into the 90's or higher, the lawns that were looking so good in the Spring because of the cooler temps and watering and fertilizing all turn brown or develop brown spots in them. This can be either heat stress which can be corrected with added watering or disease problems. That's when the men are separated from the boys in the lawn care industry and you find out if you have chosen the right service or not. If they know how to accurately diagnose lawn problems, and know more than just how to do the applications, they will be able to tell you what the problem is and what to do about it. Please see my videos on the products page of my website at on both Dollar Spot disease and Aschochyta Leaf Blight disease. Good cultural practices are very important in the management of these diseases, especially Dollar Spot disease. Please watch my video on Cultural Practices at Water in the early morning, just as the sun is coming up, not at night as this contributes to disease problems. Mow weekly at 3 inches with a razor sharp blade! This is a foliar disease meaning it's in the leaf blade. The worst thing you can do is mow too short with a dull blade and water at midnight. A bad infestation will need to be treated with 2 fungicide treatments 2 weeks apart AFTER you have corrected the problem that caused it in the first place: poor cultural practices combined with the extreme temperature fluctuations. All the fungicide will do is keep it from spreading. The lawn will basically have to grow out of it and the damaged turf  will need to be replaced either by seeding or sodding. It would be a good idea to bag the clippings just until the disease is gone since it is a foliar disease. For more lawn tips please go to