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What are these brown spots in my lawn?

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Mites Insects
Please see my articles "Water! Water! Water!" and "MITE ALERT!" Now that the lawns here in Denver/Parker CO. have finally started to green up, I'm seeing tons of MITE DAMAGE! You have GOT to water your lawn through the long dry warm periods in Winter such as we had here in  Denver/Parker CO. or pay the price later in the Spring by possibly replacing your whole lawn! I have had to seed several lawns here in Parker CO. due to severe mite damage. Even if you have to drag a garden hose, you need to get some heavy watering done on your lawn especially in Feb. and March because that's when the mites are active and munching on your lawn! But you won't see the damage until the following Spring when it begins to green up and you have these huge brown spots in your lawn that just won't green up no matter how much you water. There will be mottled tan color and purplish leaf blades within the brown areas. For more information on mites please see and for more information on Winter watering please see and order E-video Deep Root Winter Watering Trees and Shrubs.