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What are these circles in my lawn?

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Necrotic Ring Spot Disease
Rain, rain, rain! Wow! First we were in a drought here in Denver/Parker CO and now we are being inundated  with rain! A little moderation here please! LOL Many people here in the Denver/Parker CO. area have "circles" in their lawn and they won't go away no matter what they try to get rid of them! This is a disease in the soil called Necrotic Ring Spot. Fungicides are not effective, at best all they will do is keep it from spreading and may diminish the scars or "circles" over a period of YEARS and the fungicide that was the most effective on this disease was Rubigan and it was very expensive and they don't make it anymore! Because it's a disease in the soil, in order to remove it you would have to remove 18 inches of the diseased soil and if any of the diseased soil touches the good soil, you've wasted your time! Aeration seems to help somewhat because it breaks up the soil and it's a disease in the soil.  The best thing to do about NRS is to cover it up with a different kind of grass that's not affected by it. That would be Perennial Rye Grass. It blends in well with Kentucky Bluegrass as well as other varieties such as Fine Fescue. If you dig up the damaged sod and replace it with new sod, it will last about a year and you will be back to square one because most sod is primarily Kentucky Bluegrass. It is affected by NRS, Perennial Rye is not. For more information on this disease, go to and see the pictures of NRS as well as what to do about it. Or go to and watch the You tube video on NRS or go to