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Why not water at night?

Many people water their lawn at night and never have any problems. But in the 24 plus years I've been doing lawn care in the Denver metro area, 9 times out of 10 when someone has a disease in their lawn I ask them what time of day are you watering they say at night. As long as you are aerating at least 2 times a year typically Spring and Fall, and don't have a heavy thatch layer, you probably can get away with it. This would be the lawns that are like 30 years old or more. They have virtually no thatch layer. When you walk on these lawns they are hard as a rock and typically have night crawler mounds which even makes it kind of bumpy. But the lawns about 5 to 15 years old and feel spongy like thick carpet when you walk on them are probably going to be susceptible to attack from both insects and disease, and if you water them at night you will probably have disease problems as a result. You see the true "thatch layer" is in the root zone underneath the grass blades, NOT on the surface! Power raking does absolutely NOTHING for thatch reduction! If you pick up an aeration plug, you can see the layers: soil on the bottom and then right above that in the root zone is the thatch layer. It's that spongy material and you need to poke holes in it so the water, air and nutrients can get down to the roots where they are needed and the water  to soak into the soil to encourage the roots to go down deep and thus promote healthy turf. For more LAWN TIPS for the Denver metro area please visit