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Denver Drought

The current drought we are experiencing in Denver CO. metro area is hurting the green industry! We are finally getting some rain and wet Spring snow here in Parker CO. but we had such a dry warm Winter (the driest ever) that a lot of the lawns are still brown and dormant. Also, the night low temps are still around freezing which is slowing the green up process and consequently hurting  the green industry here in Denver/Parker CO. April is usually the busiest month for Wiens Lawncare because the lawns are usually green by now! But it just hasn't happened yet. People are still afraid their sprinkler systems will freeze and haven't started watering yet and so their lawn is still brown and dormant. You need to be watering on a regular basis, just wrap your back flow (where the water pipes to your sprinklers comes out of the house) and get it turned on and start watering! The ONLY reason the lawns are not bright green now is because it's been so dry here in Denver/Parker CO. For more LAWN TIPS please visit http//