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Spring is finally here! Full service lawn care. Call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate from the lawn and tree pro! lawns, care, fertilizing, weeds, control, seeding, aerating, mowing, trees, watering,
Although it has officially been Spring here in Denver/Parker CO. for a while now, because it's been so dry nothing has been blooming or the grass greening up. But the trees here in Parker and Denver CO. are finally beginning to bloom. Denver usually is a little ahead of Parker because Parker is a little higher in elevation than Denver. Denver being the "mile high" city at 5,280 feet and Parker being around 6,200 feet in elevation. The lawns here in Parker CO. are finally beginning to green up as well. It's so depressing when the lawns are still brown and the trees bare even though the weather is nice and it's Spring time. We have been busy doing Spring aerations and the first fertilizer/iron,weed control applications here in Denver/Parker CO. We have also done quite a few seed jobs here in Denver/Parker CO. They seem to be a little slower germinating I think because we are still getting down around freezing temps at night and then getting up in the 60's and  70's and even 80 a time or two in Denver/Parker CO. People are slowly beginning to turn on their sprinkler systems and starting to water which is helping the lawns to start greening up here in Parker CO. We will be mowing soon and hopefully the lawn season will begin in earnest. This is when the trees will start showing the results of the Deep Root Fertilizing and Winter Deep Root Watering we did at Wiens Lawncare last Fall and Winter and early Spring here in Denver/Parker CO. For more LAWN TIPS and Tree Care help please go to