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April is a tough month for lawns!

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Cultural Practices
April is the toughest month of the year for the lawns in Denver/Parker CO. It's the time of year when lawns are just starting to green up and come out of dormancy. It's also when the problems REALLY show up that have already been there but didn't show because the lawn was still brown and dormant. Things like mite damage and diseases and Winter kill from not getting enough water through the long dry warm periods last Winter in Denver and Parker CO. It's also the busiest for Wiens Lawncare because that's when everyone typically sees that their lawn is greening up on it's own and say hmmmm.... guess I better do something about watering and fertilizing my lawn. It's so dry right now in Denver/Parker CO. I STRONGLY suggest you get some water on your lawn even if you have to pull out the hose and give it a good soaking. But if it were me I would wrap the backflow to protect against freezing and start watering regulary immediately! If you would like more tips for your lawn , please go to