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Mite alert!

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 Just as I suspected would happen, I am seeing mite activity on the lawns here in Parker CO. and I am sure they are active in Denver CO. lawns as well. I strongly recommend that you turn on your sprinkler systems and begin watering heavily! This will serve two purposes: to help your lawn come out of dormancy and begin to green up and start actively growing, also to drown out the mites that have been active through the mild dry Winter we had here in the Parker CO. and Denver CO. areas. I really don't think we will have any hard freezes this Spring (fingers crossed) and you can wrap your back flow for extra protection as this is where they commonly freeze. At this point I think it is worth the risk or you may have extensive mite damage and end up replacing much of your lawn. The lawns here in Parker/Denver CO. would be greening up already, as the soil temperatures are high enough, but it has just been too dry! We are in a drought in Parker/Denver CO. We need moisture so badly! We got a few inches of snow in Parker CO. and that should help the lawns some although it wasn't near enough to help the trees.