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Spring is just around the corner! Full service lawn care  Denver/Parker CO. Call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate from the lawn and tree pro! lawn, care, fertilizing, aerating, weeds, control, mowing, seeding, deep, root,tree, fertilizing, watering.
The Robins are happily chirping and searching for worms, the Ladybugs are here flying around, the lawns are yawning and slowly waking from their long Winter's slumber, Spring will be here officially this Sunday. And I am so READY!!!!! I hate Winter! LOL Bring on the sunshine and warmth! Although overall we've had a rather mild, warm and very DRY Winter here in the Denver metro area. The lawns here in Parker CO. are just starting to green up a little bit. If it wasn't so dry I'm sure they would be greening up more (the soil temperatures are high enough) but we've only had 18.5 inches of snow this Winter and our average is 51 inches. The trees really need water bad! Even in an average moisture year the trees don't get enough natural moisture because we live in a semi-arid climate in Denver/Parker CO. That's why at Wiens Lawncare we Deep Root Winter Water trees through November, December, January, February and March while everyone's sprinkler systems are turned off for the Winter so they don't freeze and cause damage. It would be good to start fertilizing your lawn and even watering with the hose to help bring your lawn out of dormancy and getting it to start greening up. Maybe even go ahead and start your sprinkler system up? It's hard to say, we could still get a cold blast, but for sure some time in April, no later! It would also be ok to go ahead and aerate your lawn, but it's best to soak it real good the night before to insure good results. We are still watering and fertilizing trees at Wiens Lawncare and will be starting to fertilize and aerate lawns in April. Putting down both pre and post emergent herbicides to get a jump on the weeds to get good control on them. The best time to kill weeds is when they are little in the early Spring.
I'm afraid I have a bit of sad news. My Dad passed away on February 25, 2011. He was only 77 years old. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about 6 months prior to that. It was so sad to go back to Kansas and bury my best friend. We have no promise of tomorrow: James 4:14 tells us "Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow, for what is your life? It is but a vapor which appears for a little, then vanishes away." How ironic for him to leave this world in the Spring when the earth is so full of new life everywhere. New colts and calves and baby animals of all sorts being born; one life ends and another begins.