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LAWN TIPS- Aschochyta Leaf Blight Full service lawn care Denver/Parker CO. Call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate from the lawn and tree pro. lawn care, weed control, seeding, aerating, fertilizing, mowing, tree fertilizing, tree watering
Aschochyta Leaf Blight is a foliar lawn disease, meaning it's in the leaf blade. It is characterized by what is known as "wicking" which is a tan or white colored pinched off appearance on the tip of the leaf blade. Similar to a candle wick. It is caused by atmospheric conditions such as the weather and poor cultural practices (see LAWN TIPS- Cultural Practices ) High Nitrogen rate fertilizers also contribute to it as well as other diseases. It will also have white colored bands about midway on the leaf blade. It is not as damaging as Dollar Spot and usually does not require a fungicide. You can correct it by altering your watering schedule. Water less often but more at a time. So if you are watering 3 times a week for 15 minutes each, change it to 2 times a week 30 minutes each. My brother had new sod just laid and was watering daily 3 times a day as you should to get new sod or seed established, but it was also raining alot and they had fertilized it when they laid it. So it developed Aschochyta Leaf Blight and I told him to cut back the water but more at a time which was scary with new sod  but it grew out of it with no damage and recovered nicely. For more LAWN TIPS please visit my website at