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LAWN TIPS- Leaf Spot Full service lawn care Denver/Parker CO. Call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate from the lawn and tree pro.
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Leaf Spot is another foliar lawn disease meaning it is in the leaf blade. It is usually found in extremely wet areas in the lawns. Even somewhat swampy or marshy areas perhaps where there is poor drainage or a low spot. Every lawn has a little Leaf Spot in it and it usually is not harmful unless you have a really bad infestation. Then it can cause thinning or what is known as "meltout." Watering at night as well as high nitrogen rate fertilizers contribute to this disease.
It is characterized by a dark brown spot or "lesion" on the leaf blade which is only visible on close inspection of a single leaf blade perhaps even with a magnifying glass. The treatment for Leaf Spot is very similar to Dollar Spot: 1. Good cultural practices, water in the early a.m. not at night. Improve drainage of low spots or wet marshy areas, perhaps by installing a French Drain. Mow weekly at 3 inches with a razor sharp blade. 2.Treat the diseased areas and even the whole lawn with a Fungicide labeled for Leaf Spot. FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS EXACTLY! These fungicides are preventitave as well as curative so it is best to just treat the whole lawn. Usually 2 treatments 2 weeks apart. 3. Repair the damaged areas by either seeding or sodding. To see a picture of Leaf Spot on a grass blade go to my website at