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LAWN TIPS- Disease: Dollar Spot Full service lawn care Denver/Parker CO. Call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate from the lawn and tree pro.
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Dollar Spot is a foliar disease that causes problems in lawns such as thinning and damage including killing grass. Foliar meaning it is in the leaf blade. The symptoms appear as brown or yellow spots and upon closer investigation you will see what is known as "wicking" at the end of the leaf blade. See the Lawn Tips page of my website for some excellent pictures of this. It is usually caused by poor cultural practices: watering and mowing and atmospheric conditions such as the weather. Going from warm to cold wet to dry etc. It is best to water in the early morning not at night as this contributes to disease problems. It is not good for the lawn to stay wet for extended periods of time. When your lawn is wet all night long then the next day when it gets hot it creates humidity on the surface of the lawn which are conditions favorable for the disease to develop. In the early morning it is still cool so you won't waste water through evaporation, it will soak down into the soil, then as it warms up the lawn will dry off on the surface and the water will go down deep into the soil to encourage the roots to reach down deep for it preventing shallow roots which are not healthy. It is best to mow weekly at three inches with a razor sharp blade. A dull blade shreds instead of cutting clean and that is where the fungus enters the leaf blade on the tip and the wicking is the fungus working it's way down the leaf blade. When it reaches the crown of the grass plant it will kill it. What do you do about Dollar Spot? 1. Good cultural practices. 2. Treat it with a fungicide labeled for Dollar Spot (read and follow label directions EXACTLY). 3.Repair or replace damaged turf with seeding or sodding. For more help with your lawn fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page of my website or call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate.