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Winter is coming!

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 Just finishing up the last Fall aerations and Winterizer applications of fertilizer on the lawns and getting ready to shift gears for winter work. What do we do in the winter? So glad you asked. Snow removal and tree/shrub deep root fertilizing and deep root winter watering. Your trees and shrubs need fertilizer and water just like your lawn does. Winter watering is very beneficial while your sprinklers are off through the long dry periods. We don't typically get enough natural moisture in the Denver metro area to really benefit the trees and shrubs. It takes at least two feet of heavy wet snow that slowly melts and saturates the soil to equal just one deep root watering. It needs to soak down a foot into the soil to reach the roots and benefit the tree. We use a probe with a hose attached from the tank in the truck to inject water or fertilizer under high pressure. You push the probe about eight inches into the soil around the drip line of the tree and inject water from there and it saturates down a foot into the soil to the tree roots. We make a hole about every three feet around the "drip line" or outermost perimeter of the tree. One gallon per hole monthly for watering.  Half gallon per hole yearly for fertilizing. It makes a huge difference in the overall health and vigor of the trees and makes them look so beautiful and makes them grow faster and helps them fight off attack from beetles and insects and diseases.