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Kent's Blog

Fall is in the air! (Lawn care service Denver-Parker CO.)

Hello everyone!
  Kent Wiens here, owner of  Wiens Lawncare in Parker, CO. (Full service lawn care company Denver-Parker CO.) Well, we are rapidly moving into fall with the overnight temps getting much cooler. Where did Summer go? I do love Fall don't get me wrong, but it just means we are that much closer to winter and snow which I hate! I used to love snow in my younger days when I skiied and ice skated and went snowmobiling. But now I just have to shovel, plow and work in it and I hate it! LOL It's time to start thinking about Fall aerations and winterizer applications of fertilizer on the lawns and Noxious weed control especially for Leafy Spurge. Here at Wiens Lawncare we are just finishing our #4 or late summer applications and trying to get the seed jobs finished so clients will have time to water them every day 3 times a day for 3 weeks to get the seed to germinate before we get into frost danger or they turn their systems off for the winter. Aeration is very important for 2 reasons: soil compaction and thatch reduction. Every lawn in the Denver metro needs at least 2 aerations per growing season: Spring and Fall and more if you have a heavy thatch layer which is located in the root zone of your lawn. It will feel spongy when you walk on it, usually the younger (0-10 year old) lawns have this problem because they have not built up enough bacterial/microbial activity in the soil to decompose the clippings fast enough yet. The winterizer application of fertilizer is the most important one of the year. You need to give it a good shot of nitrogen in the Fall because it is most receptive; storing energy for root development through the Winter. Even though it goes dormant on the top side the roots continue to grow and develop through the Winter. That's what the winterizer does as well as aid to an early spring green up. Enough from me, does anyone have any lawn care questions for me?