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TESTIMONIAL- Tony DiMarco Littleton CO.
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TESTIMONIAL- Mike Ansley Parker CO.
How is Wiens Lawn and Tree Care doing? GREAT! My husband and I purchased our home last December, once the Spring rolled around and the lawn thawed, we quickly realized we had a dead lawn. We found Kent on line; one of the few landscapers who personally answered the phone and within days was at our home ready to bring the lawn back to life! Kent delivered, within a few weeks we had a healthy lawn and a very nice caretaker! Tiffany Blood Parker, CO.   
We found out we needed to quickly list our house because we had to move out of the state.  Our lawn was in bad shape; over grown with a large crop of dandelions.  Our neighbors told us Kent was great and we asked him to help us get our lawn ready to list our house.  I called and explained our situation to Kent, he was very accommodating and helpful and came out the very next day.  He took great care of our lawn and the yard looked beautiful when we listed our house.  We had multiple offers to buy our house after just the first day on the market!  They have continued to take great care of our lawn and we appreciate their careful diligent work.  We owe a huge thank you to Kent and Wiens Lawn and Tree Care!
Thank you! 
~ The Upton Family   Parker, CO.
"You are doing excellent. Thanks!" Leslie Syniec Parker, CO.
"Kent has the expertise to take care of your landscaping and tree needs. I strongly recommend you try out "Wiens Lawn and Tree Care." His passion is his work!"
Kathy Linscheid Martinez (Kent's High School classmate) Inman, KS.
"Doing great. Yard looks great. Service always done on time and excellent service. Thank you for remembering to close the gate to the backyard. Appreciate it!"
Sandie Hubbard Parker, CO.
"Good follow-up. Thanks for keeping me on schedule."
Tony DiMarco Littleton, CO.
"Kent,  Just wanted to thank you for coming out to our home in Parker to take care of the Blue Grass issue we had, you recommended and did aerate and over seed the area and it took care of the problem we were having. Thanks for coming out on short notice and doing a professional job which has resulted in a wonderful lawn for us to enjoy! You did go the extra mile."
Paul H. Parker CO.
"From someone who really despises doing lawn care: "Kent has truly been a wonderful asset. He is dependable, showing up each week as promised and my lawn has drastically improved, looking better with each week. I highly recommend using Wiens Lawncare."
Ilona Bates Aurora, CO. 
"I have used the services of Wiens Lawncare for 3 years and I have been very satisfied with the results. I have found them to be reliable and reasonable and would recommend them to anyone."
Vonda Peecher Aurora, CO.  
Before seeding
                                                             After seeding
"Kent has done an excellent job taking care of our yard for two years now. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. We had a lawn disease problem which he correctly identified and quickly resolved. Our yard looks great now with the regular fertilizing and aeration - thanks, Kent."
5 stars ***** Rik W, Castle Rock, CO.
"My lawn has never looked better than when Kent Wiens has been taking care of it's feeding and controlling the weeds and insects."
Tom Wolf Englewood, CO
"Kent gave me a fair estimate & was able to spray my weeds the same day! We were very pleased with his service."
Kathy McKinley Parker, CO 
"We've worked with Kent at Wiens Lawncare for two years now. Kent has been great for our yard. He is always up-front about costs and makes sure to give us a call before he does any work. Our lawn is weed-free and
healthy because of Kent's expertise, and we are very happy with Wiens Lawncare. I would recommend Wiens Lawncare to anyone."
--Josh and Leigh Curnett Aurora, CO.
Josh Curnett, NBCT
S.T.A.R. Mentor
Cherry Creek Schools
"Thank you Kent for doing a great job! You've taken the worry out of our lawn care. Everything is healthy and looks great."
Stephanie Lambert Englewood, CO.
To: Mr. Kent Wiens- Wiens Lawncare 
" My husband and I firmly believe that it is important to give credit when credit is due. We are writing to express our thanks for a job well done over the past two growing seasons. Our home backs to a very large, very "wild" designated open space. Our yard remains weed free which is wonderful for our barefoot children. You have always maintained reasonable and competitive pricing for the weed and fertilizer services that we subscribe to. Finally, we appreciate the timely phone calls to remind us of an upcoming service."
With gratitude, Elissa and Jim Simpson  Parker, CO.
"A few years ago, my lawn care company informed me that they were no longer doing "small jobs" anymore and would be dropping residential accounts. After that, my husband and I thought we could do it ourselves. Need less to say, in two short years my lawn was the spawning ground for the neighborhood dandelions. I then found Kent Wiens and he was able to turn the yard around in just one summer. It has been three years now since I have used his services. He is prompt, courteous, and knows his business. Our lawn has never looked better. I highly recommend his services."
B. Hamilton Centennial CO.
"Wiens Lawncare provided excellent and thorough lawn care service for our home. Their staff is knowledgeable, professional and accommodating. Under Wiens Lawncare's oversight, our family was able to enjoy our beautifully maintained, worry free yard."
Wendy - Parker, Colorado"
"Wiens Lawncare has been fertilizing my lawn for 2 years and is doing a wonderful job. I would recommend them to anyone."
Gloria Weiss Denver, CO.
"I would like to recommend Wiens lawn care service. While on a 2 week vacation I had Kent mow my rather large lawn with lots of trees in it. I also had him do aeration on the lawn a different time. He did a good job both times at the price we agreed on. The next time I need a lawn service I will use Wiens Lawncare."
Thank you, Mike Snow Parker CO.
"The lawn looks amazingly green after a few months of your service & the prescribed applications of weed control and fertilizer."
Angela Shaffer Aurora CO.
"Service is alway great! I highly recommend Kent for all of his lawn services."
Jim Hoblet Aurora CO.
"Wiens Lawncare has been a great find for us! Kent was able to identify a major issue that we were having with our lawn which was causing it to die off in huge sections. He quickly diagnosed the problem and within a couple of treatments was able to stop the disease and preserve the rest of the lawn. We have been able to use Wiens Lawncare to not only remove a tree threatening our property, and to prune and clean-up our landscaping but also to ensure that our new trees survived the winter with deep root Winter watering.
Wiens is great and always very responsive. They show up when they commit to, their prices are absolutely reasonable and they are super easy to work with. This is especially true with our busy schedules and sometimes late evenings. They have a great team of knowledgeable staff and have been able to get our lawn, bushes and trees in tip-top shape for this Spring. I’m sure that our yard will look better than ever due to the work that Wiens has done. Definitely a highly recommended business."
Bill & Amanda Schaeffer, Aurora, Colorado
"Thank you! Can always depend on service done completely and as scheduled." Sandie Hubbard Parker, CO 

How is Wiens Lawn and Tree Care doing? Great! Thanks Kent for taking great care of our lawn and bringing it back from the "Dead" literally. Our once brown, yellow and green tie-dyed grass looks amazing now- no thanks to our brown thumbs. Couldn't do it without you. Candace n Rod Chiapusio Littleton CO

Kent has been doing my lawn for a couple of years now. He re-seeded my back yard this year and it looks great! When I used another company (prior to Kent), my front lawn was always sprouting crabgrass. Since I switched to Kent, I no longer have that problem! Shirley Murrow Denver CO.

Before seeding-

We hired Kent to help us with a frustrating necrotic ring spot problem that affected our lawn for the past few years - we couldn't be happier with the results – the lawn now looks great!  Also, Kent is extremely knowledgeable, polite and very reasonable with billing - a pleasure to work with.  We absolutely recommend him.
Prior to hiring Kent, we worked with other vendors and tried different ‘solutions’, but we were only able to very temporarily halt the problem – each season, more ring spots would appear.  One vendor even proposed we rip up the entire lawn and lay down all new sod – the vendor assured us this was the only way to restore the lawn. 
 After seeding-
Fortunately, we connected with Kent before going with this total replacement route, which, as we learned from Kent, would've been a very expensive waste of time – the fungus affecting our lawn is in the soil and the type of grass/sod we contemplated using was not resistant to the fungus – it would've probably only been a matter of months before the new grass looked identical to what we currently had – Kent is the only vendor we found who fully understood the issue and knew how to resolve it.
Instead of total replacement, Kent developed a plan to restore our lawn – this included aeration, reseeding (with fungus resistant grass) and fertilization – AND at a substantially more reasonable price versus replacement.    
We had to be patient to wait for the new grass to grow, but it was worth it – as mentioned above, our lawn looks great – thank you Kent!
- Chad & Tiffany L., Highlands Ranch, CO


 Wiens Lawn and Tree Care helps keep my lawn so green my dog thinks it’s the carpet in the house!
Mike Brad Hartman
Parker CO.

We bought a house and the lawn was a wreck. Half of it was dirt and the other half was weeds! We were planning to get sod but figured we'd try to see if someone could fix it. We were amazed with the results. Within a few weeks we had a green thick lawn. If Kent can fix my lawn he can fix any lawn. We highly recommend him.  
The Wilsons in Parker CO.

How is Wiens Lawn and Tree Care doing? Great! Kent has done a superb job of getting our lawn looking healthy and green again. Without his advice and periodic services our lawn could not have survived. Our lawn is as green and lush as it has ever been.
Kevin and Virginia Franktown CO.

before seeding

after seeding

How is Wiens Lawn and Tree Care doing? Great! We are pleased with the results that you have given us. Lawn is looking much better.
Ryan and Stacy Telford Parker CO.