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Fill out the estimate request form or call 303-358-0041 for a free estimate. If you want a lush, green, weed free lawn give us a call today! Lawns are our business! We do 5 applications; 2 granular, 3 liquid fertilizer, iron and weed control. Including pre-emergent herbicide for control of crabgrass and other broad leaf weeds. Spring and Fall aeration, weekly mowing, ( full lawn program clients in Parker only) and Noxious Weed Control. Noxious weeds like Leafy Spurge, Russian Thistle and Knapweed crowd out desirable grasses and other vegetation and reduce the available good grasses for livestock to feed on. Deep Root Fertilization of your Trees and Shrubs will complete your beautiful landscape giving them overall health and vigor and giving them the strength to fight off attacks from diseases and beetles and other damaging insects. Deep Root winter watering will help your Trees and Shrubs survive the long dry periods through the winter months while your sprinklers are off and help them look their best the following Spring and Summer. So what are you waiting for?! Give us a call! :-)
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